Who we are

Life is about balance.  This statement reigns true for all matters personal and business related. LAUNCH & ASSIST provides the support needed to stabilize your home and business affairs.  For most it’s an easy task to envision the bigger picture for your venture, however, tackling even the smallest details can be a challenge.  Daily tasks can require several menial duties and some projects involve cognitive skills. Either can be time consuming and time is greatly lacking for the majority of people. 

In the process of maintaining the stability that you’re working tirelessly for or have already cultivated it’s inevitable to experience exhaustion or become overwhelmed. LAUNCH & ASSIST was created to be the support team that helps you continue to prosper.  You can expect to work with a highly experienced virtual assistant that is detail oriented and dedicated to quality work catered to your distinct needs. 


Reasons to Outsource to Us

Streamlining your processes allows time to meet deadlines, making you a reliable resource for customers and a preferred client for vendors.
Why work overtime when LAUNCH & ASSIST can do the leg work for you? Delegating tasks lets you realize a balanced lifestyle. Use your free time to relax at home, spend time with loved ones or take a vacation.
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Times are changing drastically whether you’re ready or not. Virtual commerce is a necessity and LAUNCH AND ASSIST is prepared to help grow businesses and homes into the new age. This is not only the time to expand ourselves but to live out our vision.


LAUNCH AND ASSIST plans to dedicate more than 20,000 hours over the next five years to providing reliable admin and design services to over fifty small businesses and entrepreneurs domestic and abroad.


The privacy of our clients is of the utmost importance. All information that is transferred between client and LAUNCH AND ASSIST is kept confidential. No private data is disposed to third parties unless requested by the client itself or governmental entity.